Short Courses

Health Informatics

Biomedical Informatics, also referred to as Health Informatics has played significant role in patient care. With current healthcare crisis due to Covid-19, hospitals are expected to keep up with the daily demands of compliance with the government authorities and at the same time providing quality patient care.

Data Analytics

The course offers students with an overview of the current trends in information technology that drives today’s businesses. It provides understanding of data management techniques that can help an organization to achieve its business goals and address operational challenges. It also introduces different tools, techniques and methods used in (business/data) analytics that will provide the students with opportunities to apply them in simulations in a computer laboratory.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

This course enables small and medium enterprise (SMEs) to achieve a fundamental understanding of digital transformation and how it both positively and negatively affects various industries and sectors. The course also covers how a digital strategy gives an opportunity for organizations to create shifts in their core business functions to gain and sustain competitive advantage.


This course is intended for entrepreneurs who are interested in building a business by optimizing the use of technology to innovate new products and/or services or incorporating game changing technologies such as artificial intelligent, block chain, internet of things, etc. It is also for promising young entrepreneurs who see themselves working in an entrepreneurial role within a large-scale or medium-scale company.

Guide for Teachers without Borders (GTB)

With the challenge of providing online instruction in the upcoming school year, there is a need for scale up the capacity of our teachers in the design, development and implementation of Online Distance Learning (ODL). Teachers have to utilize their technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) to create compelling learning-centered digital experiences that will achieve the learning outcomes, all the while considering the affordances of their learners.

Micro-Master Program

Information Security

This program aims to prepare learners to be professionals that are knowledgeable in designing, implementing, assessing, and managing the security of IT systems through sufficient coverage of both theory and application in the different domains of information security.

Certification Review Course

This course is an introduction to computer graphics design for CG creators. Participants will review their knowledge on the basic skills, industry development, terminologies, process, technology and intellectual property rights of creating computer graphics. Equipped with a competitive understanding of CG Arts which aims to help participants pass the certification course on CG arts recognize locally and abroad. This is prepares the student for the certification exam recognized in Japan and other country.

Special Program for Private and Government Accounts

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